Operational Versatility

The high pressure big volume self priming NORMAC centrifugal pump is pumped in on a three ball valve system which enables water to be pumped either direct from the 'bakkie' self contained water tank or from an external water source by merely opening/shutting the suction valves. The three way pump outlet allows for bulk water pumping, either filling of the "bakkie" tank or filling of an external tank. Direct high pressure fire fighting can be either through the live mounted hose reel and/or through an additionl hose, two high pressure delivery hoses can be used togeather. Thus maximum use of the pumping unit is obtained via different opening and closing and closing of the BALL valve system and no damage to the pump can result from complete shut-off of the delivery at full engine speed for a short running period.

TANK - Reinforced glass fibre.Baffled to eliminate surge on cornering. Positioned behind cab for even weight distribution. Four sizes : 300 litre, 500litre(standard), 600litre and 700 litre all with capped 150mm opening.
HOSE REEL - Robust all steel double base mounted , live with rotary seals, bolted to mount up frame. Quick couples to pump with 30 meter hose on all single stage pumps and 60 metre hose on all tein stage pumps. Provision is made for the hose to be stripped from the reel and directly coupled to the pump in the unlikely event of damage to reel.
BRASS NOZZLE - One with quick coupling provided as standard with unit. The 20mm brass nozzle is supplied with a ball valve to allow for the control of the flow rate at the nozzle point. Two nozzles can be used simultaneously.
VALVE SYSTEM - Providing dual suction from "bakkie" unit tank or external source. High pressure delivery through hose reel and / or three way outlet branch on pump head, bulk water delivery directly into "Bakkie" tank or to external tank/point.
ENGINE - Standardly powered by a variety of engines - Honda or Robin and also with Sinopower diesel engine.
SUCTION PIPING - 40mm reinforced hose. One piped into "bakkie" tank, other standard 50 metre length provided with fine strainer for extrenal suction.
PUMP SPECIFICATIONS - NORMAC single stage self priming centrifugal high volume up to 430 litres per minute, high pressure up to 70 metres. NORMAC two stage pressure up to 95 metres, volume up to 300 litres per minute.
INLET - 40mm (1.5") BSP male threaded permanently coupled to valve system allowing for direct suction from self contained "Bakkie" tank or from external source.
OUTLET - Three way high pressure 1 x 40mm(1.5") BSP and 2 x 25mm(1") BSP The 1 x 40mm is permanently piped into the bakkie tank for quick filling, 1 x 25mm is quick coupled to live hose reel while the other 1 x 25mm fitted with quick coupling is available for optional fire fighting or bulk water for other purposes. Replaceable bolt on, if breakage occurs, no need to replace the whole pump casing, only the three way delivery.
The NORMAC pumps are completely self priming however it is essential that one of the delivery outlets is open to enable the pump to expell air in the suction pipe. It is suggested that the 40mm quick return delivery valve is opened full when priming. In the event of priming from the tank for fire fighting,this valve would be closed once pump is delivering water so as to obtain pressure through nozzle.
BODY - High impact cylinderical non-rust die cast light weight aluminium alloy with 'O' ring sealing. 8 Through bolts and nuts to ensure no warp and 'O' ring leakage .
IMPELLOR - Effecient close vane non-rust aluminium alloy direct mounted to engine crankshaft.
DIFFUSER - Multi ported for maximum effeciency, positive self prime and high pressure, high volume performance. Replaceable non-rust.
SEAL - Mechanical 'crane' type with carbon/ceramic seal faces.
PUMP AND ENGINE UNIT -Can be supplied separately with quick couplings. Brass nozzle, hoses and hose reel with valve system to suit other applications.
QUICK COUPLINGS - MT brass all interchangeable with replaceable one size rubber sealing rings.

Mc Bean's choose's Normac when needed to deliver a powerful firefighting machine.
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